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Forestry Mulching can do wonders for your property in so many different ways. Learn all the benefits of mulching here.

Mulch is an organic material (like compost, bark, and decaying leaves) used for soil enrichment. Grinding overgrowth to mulch can do wonders for your empty property or easement. Forestry mulching is a single-step method wherever unwanted vegetation like brush, bushes, heavy pepper trees, and invasive overgrowth is cleared and ground into mulch. This method is healthy for the surroundings, unlike other land clearing methods such as bulldozing or grubbing. We believe mulching is a crucial element of property and land management.

When overgrowth is shredded into mulch and is spread evenly over the cleared areas, this retards regrowth and prevents erosion. The nutrient-rich mulch decomposes into the topsoil, adding organic matter. The surrounding ground is not disturbed and the root systems of surrounding trees are not damaged. There are no brush piles, so no hauling or burning is necessary and the cleared area is ready for immediate use. This method is healthy for the surroundings, unlike other land clearing methods such as bulldozing or grubbing. Mulching will also aid in the management of invasive plants, insects, and fungus, A 2 to a 3-inch thick layer of mulch protects the soil from being washed away by the rain or being blown away by the wind.

Still, need more reasons to proactively mulch? Mulching reduces the potential for wildfires by eliminating little foliate plants, fallen or rotten trees, and other fuel sources  If left untreated, these fuel loads produce fire, increase the warmth intensity, and serve as fire ladders that enable fire to elevate quickly to the tops of trees which is where a fire can spread most quickly. Heavy overgrowth from empty lots can cause damage to neighboring properties and homes if not maintained and cut back properly.

Need Help with Forestry Mulching and overgrowth management on your property?

Our mulching equipment is fast and cost-effective, capable of grinding standing trees up to 8 inches in diameter. Our mulchers are on rubber tracked carriers that have very low ground pressure this provides the ability to access various terrains. Steep slopes and soft ground are no problem. Contact Micco Land Services for a quote today.



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