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At Micco Land Services, we provide comprehensive land management and clearing services for residential and commercial customers of all sizes. Need help in the Space Coast or Treasure Coast or surrounding areas of Florida? Contact us now online, or call us at 772-473-6144.

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End-To-End Overgrowth Management

Whether you have a code violation on your commercial or private property due to overgrowth, or you’re just looking to clear out overgrowth to prepare for new construction or any other project, our team of land clearing specialists is here to help.

For end-to-end overgrowth management, we use a forestry mulching machine, which cuts, grinds, and clears unwanted overgrowth in an all-in-one machine. We can clear your property with no worries about damage to neighboring property while clearing palmetto bushes, Brazilian Pepper Trees, and heavy underbrush of all kinds.

Micco Land Services | Quality Land Clearing and Management

Complete Overgrowth Management

Our preferred method of remedying a Code violation due to heavy overgrowth and hazardous vegetation is forestry mulching, which involves a single machine to cut, grind, and clear unwanted overgrowth. Our high power forestry mulchers can clear your property easement safely without damage to the neighboring property and complete it in the most cost-effective manner possible.
The most commonly found complaints in the area are Palmetto Bushes, Brazilian Pepper Trees, and heavy underbrush. The vegetation may look like it’s there to stay, but it hasn’t met our tractor yet!

Heavy Brush Clearing

Do you have weeds, tall grass, or even small trees clogging up your property? Have you unsuccessfully tried using a lawnmower to cut the vegetation and clear your property? We can help! Our heavy-duty brush mowing equipment and  Micco land Services experience will make quick work of clearing your commercial or business lot. We invest in the best professional equipment and guarantee the job done right the first time!
Micco Land Services | Quality Land Clearing and Management
Micco Land Services | Quality Land Clearing and Management

Forestry Mulching

For forestry mulching, we use a large drum grinder that can cut, grind, and destroy unwanted overgrowth and unwanted trees, bushes, shrubs, and growth. With our high-powered forestry mulchers, we can easily clear your land of any vegetation – and leave it looking brand-new.

We can completely clear an area in just hours – and our highly-maneuverable machines can avoid any native trees or vegetation that you wish to save. With rubber tracks and precise cuts, we ensure that your property is completely undamaged after your project is complete.

Fence Line and Field Maintenance

Need help maintaining fence lines, fields, and easements? We can help you clear fences, easements, and rights-of-way with our high-powered machines. Prevent overgrowth, and make sure the way is clear around your land with Micco Land Services.

Micco Land Services | Quality Land Clearing and Management
Micco Land Services | Quality Land Clearing and Management

Pond and Ditch Cleanout

Need to clean or maintain a large drainage ditch, or reclaim a pond? We can clean out debris, excessive muck, and dirt, and everything else from ditches, waterways, ponds, and much more. With our years of experience and powerful equipment, we can handle pond and ditch cleanout projects of all types.

Excavation and Debris Removal

Excavation and debris removal can help you avoid code violations after a natural disaster. Or, if you’ve recently purchased a property and you need to clean it up or change the landscape, our excavation and debris removal services are right for you.

Our high-powered machines can take down all of the trees and growth you don’t want – and we dispose of everything so that you won’t have to worry about excessive debris causing code violations, or making your property look unsightly.

Micco Land Services | Quality Land Clearing and Management
Micco Land Services | Quality Land Clearing and Management

Driveway Culvert Installation

Whether you’re building a new, secondary driveway or you need to rebuild a current driveway that runs over a drainage ditch, we’re here to help. We can install driveway culverts, grade your land, and install a driveway made of materials of your choice – including asphalt, crushed concrete, crushed shell, and more.

Tractor Service

With our tractor service, we can offer both rough and final grade tractor grading for fields and properties of any size. We also offer both large and small field tractor mowing. If you need to clear a field for development or agricultural purposes, we’re here to help.

Micco Land Services | Quality Land Clearing and Management

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“Very professional service and the work was excellent. Would definitely recommend to anyone that needs their service.”

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“Cleared lot behind house of encroaching brush. Job was well done and I highly recommend this service. Thank you Alvin!”

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“I strongly recommend Micco Land Serv. (Alvin). Our lot in Palm Bay was overgrown and cited by Code Compliance. Alvin quickly scheduled an appointment, brought out all the heavy equipment needed and went above and beyond quickly clearing the lot. Even the neighbor that reported the overgrowth was pleased. Thank you Alvin for your professionalism and kindness.”

Christine M.

“satisfaction guarantee ..job well done.”

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“I would highly recommend Micco Land Services and Mr. Alvin Moore to anyone. If you could see the difference in the two properties there would be no mistaking the quality workmanship that Mr. Moore represents.”

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“I would absolutely use Micco Land Services again. They did a wonderful job for us. the property looks amazing!”

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