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Feel Safer During Hurricane Season

Florida is in the middle of another busy hurricane season. This article will help you protect your property from tropical storms and hurricanes with tips to prepare your home’s property in advance.

According to the office for Coastal Management. Hurricane and storm damage costs in the U.S. in the three years from 2018 to 2020 exceed $1 billion. By preparing your property in advance you can save thousands of dollars of storm damage. We share what to do to ensure your hurricane emergency plan is complete.

How to Prepare your Property for Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

Micco Land Services shares tips to make sure your home and property sustain the least amount of damage from Florida’s brutal storm season.

Secure or Remove Loose objects

Be sure to strap down items that need to stay outside and bring all other items such as plants, equipment, and chairs that can become projectiles into your house, shed, or garage.

Remove or Trim Trees and Brush

High winds will cause trees and branches to fall. Prepare by making sure damaged trees on your property are removed and trimmed on a regular basis. Your home should be safely away from the stump of any tree, usually, this requires about 40 feet of clearance.

Secure Overhangs, Fencing, and Sheds

Hurricane-force winds will move even large objects to make sure you secure everything you are not moving inside.


Place a sandbag barrier around your home. Especially doors and door wells that are likely to leak when a tropical storm hits.

Central Florida residents can get free sandbags during storms click for pick up locations including Brevard County

Put Up Storm Shutters or Plywood

Block all glass windows and doors. The force of high storm winds will break glass even without taking into account projectiles that can blow into your house!

Learn more about protecting your home and property from heavy winds.

Micco Land Services Hurricane Preparation

We can save you time and money by clearing foliage overgrowth and keeping it clear with our overgrowth management services. 

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