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If you have received a property code violation from the County or City, the best thing to do is to fix the issue as soon as possible. You can’t just sit back and expect it to go away on its own. Just like you would not delay paying a speeding ticket, you should not delay correcting the violation.

Taking quick action

Is imperative because if you disregard these notices, you may incur heavy financial consequences and even possibly lean on your property.
Here is what happens: It all begins with a complaint to authorities about the code violation. After the complaint is filed, a local code enforcement officer will arrive to inspect your property. If they determine that your property violates some code, then they will issue a notice that details the timeline within which you must correct the problem.
Delaying corrections can lead to strong consequences. Authorities may impose penalties and civil citations, due to which you may be liable to pay heavy fines. These fines can run into hundreds of dollars for each day that the violation is not corrected.

If the violation is not corrected in a timely manner:

Code Enforcement could have your property corrected themselves and then you would be responsible for the cost of the clearing work and any possible administrative fees.
Unless you are completely certain that the notice is unjustified, you should not try to appeal it because very often, it does not help.
Even if you cannot start correcting the violation immediately, you should, at the very least, show that you sincerely intend to resolve the problem. Contact the municipality and advise them of your situation and in most cases, they are very understanding and usually try to accommodate you in some way.
Micco Land Services has been working in the surrounding areas for over a decade and have very close relationships with the local Code Enforcement. We can help you with your situation and set your heart to rest by handling all communication with them. Then we complete your property’s violation in a timely manner that Code Enforcement would approve off. Pictures are documented of all work completed in the beginning to the end.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

When you contact us for a code enforcement violation we will need the case report number, tracking number, or HTE number, it’s generally a special number that they use to track the violations. Then we would need the address of the violation, and the name of the Code Enforcement Officer that initiated the violation and finally what side of the property that would need to be corrected.
After you’ve given us all information needed, then just sit back and relax and let Micco Land Services handle the rest.
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