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Learn about just a few of the benefits you will enjoy

The land clearing contractors at Micco Land Services have been providing land clearing services to central Florida since 2004! We share some of the benefits land clearing and mulching provide.

Reduced Chance of Fire

Overgrown plants, trees, and bushes as well as fallen limbs increase your risk of a house and wildfire drastically. Land clearing makes sure to protect your property by keeping foliage trimmed and free of overgrowth and dead debris.

Increase Property Value

When your home is well maintained it shows. You will benefit from awesome curb appeal and higher property values. Not to mention your neighbors will appreciate your well-manicured property.

Bonus Tip: Use the mulch created from your land clearing and forestry mulching to fill plant beds and walkways! Click to learn more benefits of mulching.

Avoid Storm and Hurricane Damage

Not only will your property look better when you use our land clearing services, but you will also save time and money when it comes to storm damage and clean-up after the intense storms here in central Florida. Read our recent blog to help you prepare for hurricane season.

Protect Your Family and Pets

Land Clearing gets rid of invasive and dangerous plant species such as the Brazilian pepper tree that can hurt your loved ones. Make sure your family can enjoy your whole property by keeping it clean and easy to maintain.

Reduce Unwanted Insects

With your dead and unsightly overgrowth cleared out the bugs have significantly fewer places to hide and eat. You will see a reduction in insect colonies as they will move on to easier conquests.

Avoid Code Enforcement Violations

No one wants to deal with their local code enforcement department and when your property is overgrown and not maintained you can be sure they will be knocking on your door! Make sure to avoid code violations with Micco Land’s overgrowth land clearing and forestry mulching services. We answer Palm Bay and Sebastian code violation  FAQs here.

Need Help with your Land Clearing in Central Florida?

Micco Land Services can help with land clearing, brush hogging, and forestry mulching. We are the best land clearing company you will find within 200 miles of Micco, Florida. Click to learn more about us.

Give us a call at (772) 473-6144 or Contact us online to receive an estimate for your property clearing, driveway or culvert installation, and any other excavation needs you to have. No job is too big or small for Micco Land Services, we invest in the best equipment available to ensure a job well done each and every time! Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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