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If you’ve received a code enforcement violation notice anywhere near the Space Coast or Treasure Coast for overgrown vegetation, then you are in need of an expert like Micco Land Services to manage the forestry mulching and land clearing process and help you avoid costly fees.

Here’s How Micco Land Services Can Help

Vegetation management is a rather vague term that can refer to any of the following jobs:

Essentially, it refers to the process of cleaning up and maintaining a certain area to keep it within the local requirements. Vegetation overgrowth management may also be needed to clear an area of any unwanted vegetation that can either interfere with your activity in that area, are visually unpleasant, or that may even pose safety concerns.

What We’ll Do for You

The process itself really depends on what needs to be removed or cleared. We begin by inspecting the area first to spot any issues or risks that need to be addressed. Then we will devise a plan based on what we find.

Our team is knowledgeable and always up to date with local regulations and will make sure that our vegetation removal management plan is in line with local rules. We are a preferred vendor for the following areas, learn more about the local rules for  Palm Bay, Sebastian, and Port St Lucie Code Compliance divisions. Not being aware of the laws is why most property owners receive fines for overgrown or dangerous vegetation such as Brazilian Pepper Trees.  It’s also why we always stress about the importance of working with a professional, even if the task at hand is rather small, such as trimming just a few dangerous trees or bushes.

We’re Always up for the Job

Forestry mulching and Heavy Brush Mowing for vegetation overgrowth management can be a lengthy, hard process if you do not have the right tools or experience to do the job right. We have invested in top of the line equipment and If you’re within 150 miles of our Micco, FL Headquarters, and need a land service company to help you with your vegetation management needs, we are happy to assist.

At Micco Land Services, we have just the right combination of experience and knowledge to ensure everything is up to code.

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