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It’s easy for an area to become overgrown without a good vegetation maintenance process in place. Did you know, you’re responsible for clearing overgrowth on your property and you can also receive code violation notice of an overgrowth violation from the local city or county.

Micco Land Services can help you not only fix code violations but also avoid them in the first place. We offer a worry-free maintenance plan to keep your property up to code all the time. Our clients have trusted us to provide top-notch service since 2004. See what they have to say about us.

“Fantastic service. Alvin was the only person I contacted who was confident ( and competent) in his abilities to get the job accomplished. My property came out fantastic.

It is a pleasure working with a company that shows up on time and completes what they say they will.” 5 Star Guy Bennett  Orlando Florida

What Can We Do?

Usually, there are two common overgrowth violations property owners around Brevard, Port St. Lucie and Daytona may receive:

  • High grass and weeds – the grass must be kept mowed to a height of 12 inches on all properties with a structure on it (such as your home’s yard);
  • Excessive accumulation of weeds, grass, bush or excessive growth of tree branches – these can pose different types of risks, such as increasing the likelihood of rodent and vermin infestation or even a safety risk if the tree branch grows so much it can snap and hit someone.

If you receive an overgrowth violation notice, you will have a certain time period during which you can take care of the problem and avoid a fine. If the problem is extensive, it may be best to call in a team that could help you make sure your property is cleared correctly and won’t get any more code enforcement violations. We work closely with all Florida municipalities to know the rules. You can learn about some local codes often violated Palm Bay Code, Sebastian Code Enforcement, Port St Lucie Code, If you have received a code violation contact Micco Land Services we have been providing 5 Star forestry mulching service to Central and Eastern Florida since 2004

Our forestry mulching Equipment will fix all property overgrowth issues quickly and cost-efficiently. Micco Land Services knows what to do, and we do it fast. From sprucing up your property because the area is severely overgrown to pond and ditch cleanout, driveway culvert installation, or tractor services, we can take care of all your code and property problems!

Let us fix your property and save time, headaches, and money!

Micco Land Services offers pristine land services to anyone in the Micco, Port St. Lucie, and all nearby areas, so if you are faced with code enforcement violations, we are the team to call. Contact us now!

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