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You may own it, but it doesn’t mean the city’s just going to let you do what you please with it. Florida cities and counties have some pretty strict requirements in terms of how your lot or area must be maintained to ensure the safety of all residents.

So, if your property has gotten a bit out of control, you may soon receive a code violation notice. But don’t worry, there’s an easy way to spruce up your area fast, and we can help.

Forestry Mulching from Micco Land Services

Getting code enforcement violations from the city doesn’t sit well with anyone, but the right land service team can quickly step in to help you avoid any fines or future violations.

And we’re not talking about a magic wand or anything of the sort. We’re talking about using a tried and testing land clearing method with top of the line equipment that is both effective and eco-friendly: forestry mulching.

Here at Micco Land Services, we prefer this clearing method because it allows us to step in and help our clients to remove any unwanted vegetation. We use high-quality equipment that can cut through all the overgrown grass, weeds, unwanted saplings, and more!

Additionally, we have a high degree of control over what we cut, and can easily maneuver around protected trees and leave them be. In fact, since mulching helps bring nutrients back into the soil, the vegetation that remains after we’re done can even thrive!

We Look Forward to Helping With Your Code Violation!

If you’re looking at a code violation right now, your best bet to take care of this problem easily is to contact us. We are a preferred vendor for Palm Bay, Port St. Lucie County, and Sebastian.

The professional forestry mulching team at Micco Land Services can clear your area in just a few hours. It’s not magic, it’s just years of experience combined with investing in and using the right equipment.

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